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Toms River, NJ


Cremation with Memorialization

Ocean County Memorial Park offers families, who have chosen cremation, permanent memorialization in a number of beautiful locations throughout the cemetery. With the cremation rate in the United States growing in record numbers, we offer a dignified way to provide cremation with memorialization that not only gives future generations a permanent place to visit and reflect upon their loved ones life, but choices as individual and unique as the person you wish to pay tribute to.

We offer Glass, Marble, Granite, as well as Rock Niches nestled throughout our restful and peaceful cemetery grounds. Whether you choose our indoor or outdoor settings, you can rest assured that a permanent place can be visited by future generation of family and friends alike.

Our Glass Niches allow for personalization with photos, keepsakes, and personal mementos that are safely kept and stored for viewing. Ocean County Memorial Park truly believes that cremation is not the end, it is the first step in memorializing your loved one and the life they lived, their way. 



Pre-Planning discounts and interest free payment plans available to assist you with this important obligation.