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Toms River, NJ


Mausoleums in Toms River, NJ

Our beautiful Mausoleum Facilities are constructed of steel reinforced concrete, finished with fine imported marble and granite, built to withstand the test of time. Mausoleums crypts are available in outside Garden Terrace areas, in our Atrium, which is a covered breeze way decorated with a water feature, Thomas Kinkade art work, private lounge area, and soothing music to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Along with our three climate controlled Main Chapels we also have indoor locations  which are climate controlled and beautifully highlighted with stained glass, candle banks and other artistic features. As a courtesy we make our Main Chapels available at no additional cost to families that would like to use them for memorial and or committal services. 

There is a common misconception about mausoleums, and what the cost are. For thousands of years, only the wealthy or royalty could afford to construct private mausoleums. However, modern building technology has enabled above ground entombment to become affordable for everyone. Actually, in most cases mausoleum entombment is less expensive than ordinary ground burial for several reasons.

 The cost is generally less because Above Ground Entombment eliminates:

  •     The additional cost of purchasing a vault from a funeral director because each each crypt is an individually ventilated enclosure providing a clean, dry sanctuary for the casket.
  •     There is no additional cost of purchasing a memorial headstone/marker from a monument dealer, because a beautiful, dignified and permanent front/shutter holds the inscription of your names, dates and religious symbol if desired.
  •     There also is no need to purchase a grave from the cemetery, your mausoleum is your deeded cemetery property.



Pre-Planning discounts, veteran discounts, and interest free payment plans available to assist you with this important obligation.